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Welcome to the pages of the College of Maat within our portal we hope that you will find that which you are looking fore and more. This site is dedicated to the Goddess Maat ( Truth ) and so within you will find teachings of the ancient ways         



The College of Maat was dedicated to the ancient Goddess Maat as it was instructed to teach and preserve the ancient teachings and to instruct those that came into its fold therefore we instruct our students along the ancient  Alantian / Egyptian  ways so that all may have an understanding of nature and be at one with it at all times.

The College is open to all students wishing to enhance their knowledge of higher learning and students come from  Druidic, Pagan, New Age, or other area's of mystical learning.

There is no training given over the internet or by any forms of correspondence those seeking to learn would have to stay at the college for a certain period of time any where from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on how much the individual wants to learn

The College is open to all who wish to learn and teach however many are called but  few it is that stay the course therefore only the selected are taught the ancient           truths.      




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